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Hi, I'm Dr. Gwendolyn!
So good to have you here.

I am a daughter of God who is very passionate about fulfilling my Kingdom mandate as an apostolic leader and prophetic voice. With  unwavering commitment, sharp intellect, and genuine care for people, I embody the true essence of a champion for change. I'm degreed in business and public administration and have served as a Marketplace leader in business and government for over 20 years. As a notable entrepreneur, transformational leader, author, educator and business consultant, I know God destined me to make a significant impact, not only on my own life but on the lives of those I will serve. 

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My Story

After high school, I found myself standing at a crossroads, facing the harsh realities of limited resources and financial instability.  However, armed with unwavering vision and the unique gifts bestowed upon me, I embarked on a transformative journey. Guided by both biblical wisdom and practical principles, I laid the foundation to elevate my lifestyle and unlock my true potential for success. 

At the tender age of 20, I delved into entrepreneurship, paving my way to greatness. By 24, I proudly owned my first newly constructed property in one of the world's top ten wealthiest counties in the world. Breaking the millionaire threshold as the first in my family, I defied odds through business and owning properties and land, illustrating a journey of liberation from constraints.


My love for people served as a driving force, propelling me towards teaching others how to shatter the confines of their limitations and soar above their perceived potential. As a firm believer in the boundless benefits bestowed upon us as citizens of God's Kingdom, I understood that we were created to transcend the very limits that sought to confine us.


This arduous journey forced me to break through barriers that manifested themselves in various forms, challenging me on personal, professional, financial, mental, and relational fronts. Yet, it stood as undeniable proof that a life of scarcity, limitation, and struggle need not be our destiny. Through unwavering determination and the application of transformative principles, you can smash through the barriers that seek to shackle you. You can transcend limitations and embrace a life of unbounded possibilities.

The key lies in seizing a life that is stable, strategic, and undeniably superior. No longer must you settle for mediocrity when you can bask in the lap of luxury and embrace an existence without limitations. It is not only possible but a desirable reality waiting to be claimed. Moreover, these achievements will be amplified by the presence of profound and meaningful relationships. For this is how I choose to lead my life, and it is an existence that I ardently wish for each and every one of you.


It is my sincere honor and pleasure to take on the role of an educator and equip you with the necessary tools to elevate your lifestyle, thus enabling you to immerse yourself in a world of luxury and limitless possibilities. The path to embracing your unbounded potential begins here. Let us embark on this transformative journey and discover a new level of living!


Together, let's make the impossible possible!

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