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CROSS in CRISIS - Prayer #3


#3 Prayer of Faith


What is faith? In God’s world faith is a few things: a spirit, a law, a gift, evidence, belief and so on. For the sake of this point, true faith is a whole-soul commitment to God in regards to your intellect or belief system.

Jesus entrusted Himself to the Father praying, “into your hands I commend my spirit.” (Luke 23:46). It took faith for Jesus to give up the ghost.

In His vulnerability, Jesus could have easily gotten fearful. Instead, He trusted the Father’s promise to be resurrected and exalted with all power. Not after the first day, but the third day. He had to stay put, in faith, for three days.


Faith is a basic and necessary quality of the believer. It’s not just belief and trust but faithfulness and loyalty.  When you really believe God, you will commit to His will and purpose for your life. You will stay loyal no matter what.

It takes faith to stay committed in a crisis.

The Bible reports that the sky turned dark during Jesus’s crisis. During a dark time, Jesus still trusted God with His life. Despite the darkness that is in the world or that surrounds you, trust God. Regardless of the things that are dying out, trust God for resurrection.

In any crisis, don’t submit to fear, stand in faith.


This concludes the prayer series that Jesus prayed. If He prayed, so should you.

Any crisis can be overcome when you look to the Overcomer!



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