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CROSS in CRISIS - Prayer #1


#1 Prayer of Intercession


What is intercession? Intercession is when you stand in the gap or intervene on the behalf of another. The same people that Jesus healed and delivered crucified Him.

Yet, He interceded for them saying, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do'' (Luke 23:34). Jesus looked beyond what they did to Him and asked for God’s forgiveness. That's not for the weak. People think forgiveness is weakness but forgiveness is strength.


Jesus asked God to have mercy on them because of their ignorance. He didn’t want them to perish. People are perishing because they lack knowledge. God is not talking about head knowledge, but revelation knowledge. We need spiritual intelligence (John 4:24). People are spiritually ignorant and are perishing because of it.

Jesus went into intercessory prayer.


During a crisis, the enemy will attempt to lead you into oppression and/or depression. But submit to God and stay in sync! Resist the enemy and he will flee. Don’t go into oppression or depression, go into intercession. Intercede for healing, deliverance, restoration, families, the church, communities, the economy, government, and nations.

In any crisis, intercessory is necessary!



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