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CROSS in CRISIS - Part 1

One of the definitions for crisis is a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger. Currently, there’s a global crisis happening. But we can look to Jesus. He was in a crisis on the cross. A cross is symbolism for crucifixion.

When Jesus was being crucified, it was a crisis. It was a time of intense difficulty for Him.

Jesus just didn't die for us, but He died as us (2 Corinthians 5:21). He was whipped, beaten, and nailed to a cross for sin He never committed.


It was also a crisis for His family and followers. Their blameless leader was going through a horrific death of crucifixion. Although Jesus’s death on the cross was part of God’s plan, Jesus still felt the pain. Purpose is not just about prosperity and profit. Purpose also comes with pressure and pain. While in pain and up under pressure, Jesus prevailed in prayer.


The Bible reports that Jesus was wounded for our transgressions. Those wounds were external and internal. Jesus was a human being just like you and I, so he had a soul. He had emotions. He hurt and cried too. He also had a will. But amidst the crisis, He didn’t go into pity, He went into prayer! When you are in a crisis it may feel like you are being nailed to a cross—literally. But do what Jesus did, pray!


Let’s explore His series of prayers.



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