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CROSS in CRISIS - Prayer #2


#2 Prayer of Consecration


What is consecration? It’s setting yourself apart to do the will of God regardless of your personal feelings or desires.

While on the cross Jesus cried, “Eli, Eli Lama Sabachthani,” which is translated “My God, My God why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:34).

Throughout scripture Jesus always referred to God as Father but in this moment He called Him God, so this proves my point.

Jesus was in His feelings.


Jesus bore the sin of the world, so in this moment God didn’t see Jesus as His son, He saw Him as sin. Sin always results in separation from God. Jesus was one with the Father throughout His entire journey on earth. This was the first time ever; He was separated from His Father. So, imagine the feelings He felt.

In this moment of separation, He felt forsaken. His emotions were screaming, “forsaken.” While Jesus felt forsaken, He didn’t forsake praying. I have a prophetic word for you. Don’t be shaken by the forsaken! It’s just a feeling.

During a crisis, the feeling of forsakenness will come. It’s human nature. But don’t allow those feelings cause you to forsake prayer. Prayer helped Jesus not to give in under the pressure of His emotions. He could have acted out of His emotions and saved Himself. But had He saved Himself, He wouldn’t have saved you and me.

He knew the Father’s will and stuck it out, despite how He felt. Feelings are fickle, but God’s plans and purpose for you are final.

In any crisis, don’t be led by a feeling of separation. Stick to the plan of consecration.



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